We work in partnership with other organisations to provide landlord engagement workshops across England.  

These practical workshops are delivered by the Housing Ombudsman’s own expert trainers. The sessions focus on common themes in complaint handling such as:

  • Managing persistent complainants with challenging behaviours.
  • Handling anti-social behaviour complaints.
  • Putting the matter right/redress and awarding appropriate levels of compensation.
  • Discovering the learning opportunities within complaints and how to implement positive change.   

Throughout the workshop, you will have an opportunity to look at some case studies on these themes. There will also be time to network and share best practice with peers from other landlords.

Workshop dates:

  • London on 24 April, 10am to 2:30pm
  • Milton Keynes on 17 May, 10am to 2:30pm
  • Newcastle on 21 June, 10am to 2:30pm

See HQN's website for further details on these workshops and to book. 

More workshops are scheduled with HouseMark as part of their Customer Excellence Clubs (open to subscribers only):

  • London on 5 December, 1pm to 3.30pm
  • Manchester on 7 December, 1pm to 3.30pm

For information on the Customer Excellence Club see HouseMark's website. 

 DR Principles At TPAS ConfEmma At House Mark EventDenise At Tpas Conference 2

Previous workshops

Around 200 delegates attended our last series of workshops in 2016-17 with HouseMark and HQN.

Here are some of the delegate comments:

Valuable learning points – be fair, early resolution, personal contact at early stage, manage expectations.

An interesting and thought-provoking session, very useful and lots to take back to staff.

I intend to apply the DRPs as a theme throughout our complaints review.

Very good seminar and an opportunity to discuss how to deal with complaints, identify good practice, and to network with colleagues as part of the mini exercises.

The presentations were very interesting, and lots of useful information.  I will be revising my post complaints procedures to improve action plans and also map trends.

I enjoyed sharing experiences with others, very clear, well presented and informative.

If you are a member landlord and interested in our events, or if you require  more information, please contact Val Theadom, Sector Development and Learning Manager by email or on 020 7421 3848.