Case Study 50: Compensation for delays in repairs and missed appointments - Locally resolved with Intervention

Mr S complained that he was without a working boiler for six weeks. He also complained that during this time the landlord’s contractor failed to keep appointments, resulting in a loss of £200 in earnings due to time taken off work.

The landlord acknowledged the delay in carrying out the repair and offered £25 as compensation, which it later increased to £80. Mr S was not satisfied with this as he wanted to recover the full £200 loss of earnings, for which he had provided evidence.

He asked to escalate his complaint to stage 2 of the landlord’s procedure, but the landlord initially refused this request.

Following the Ombudsman’s intervention, and encouragement to the landlord to review its position; the landlord agreed to escalate and reconsider the complaint. The landlord then apologised to Mr S and at its discretion offered the £200 compensation that he had asked for; despite its compensation policy excluding payments for loss of earnings. Mr S was content with this response and the complaint was closed.

This case demonstrates how the Ombudsman can intervene to encourage the parties to locally resolve a complaint between them, even after the complaints procedure has been completed.