Case Study 31: Service of a Notice Seeking Possession - Locally resolved with support

Mr A rang us about a Notice which had been served on him by his landlord. The Notice had implications for the security of his tenancy. However, Mr A had contacted us before he had complained to his landlord; as we cannot consider a complaint that a landlord has not had the opportunity to address we contacted the landlord so that it could investigate Mr A’s concerns.

When discussing the complaint with the landlord we identified significant differences between the landlord’s understanding of the events which led up to the complaint compared with Mr A’s description. To help resolve the complaint we asked the landlord to send Mr A a more detailed explanation of its reasons for serving him with the Notice. This helped Mr A to understand the landlord’s position and meant he no longer wanted to make a formal complaint.

In helping the parties to clarify the issues and improve their communication we ensured that the landlord was dealing fairly with Mr A, and importantly that Mr A could see this was the case. Consequently we were able to help Mr A and his landlord resolve the dispute without the need to use the landlord’s complaint procedure.