Case Study 29: Noise nuisance - early local resolution

Mr S complained about how his landlord had dealt with his reports of noise nuisance from the tenants in the flat below him.   He contacted us for assistance whilst his complaint was being considered by his landlord under its own complaints procedure. He told us that he had made previous complaints about this matter but that previous commitments to take action or address the problems had not been followed up by the landlord. He also wanted the landlord to be aware of the effect that the situation was having on his health.

We provided Mr S with general advice and we also contacted his landlord for further information on the case. This was so that we could try to assist both parties to resolve the complaint between themselves at a local level.

The landlord confirmed to us that following receipt of his most recent complaint it had met with Mr S and as a result of this it had agreed a number of actions to resolve the situation that he had complained about.

Mr S confirmed to us that he was satisfied with the outcome of this meeting and the proposed action plan, and that he felt that by taking these steps the landlord had resolved his complaint.

In this case the landlord demonstrated good practice in resolving complaints and a clear customer focus in relation to how it dealt with Mr S’s concerns.  Although there had been previous complaints from Mr S about the same issue, his landlord took the opportunity to take a fresh look at the facts and evidence of the case, by discussing the case with Mr S and agreeing an action plan as a way forward. By doing this, the landlord was able to resolve Mr S’s complaint at the first stage of its complaints procedure.