Case Study 28: Early intervention and communication

Mrs O contacted us as part of her complaint to her landlord about a leak and her related request for compensation.  We first helped Mrs O respond to the landlord as she felt the complaint had become confused.

Mrs O then contacted us two months later following the landlord’s insurer’s investigation. She explained the insurer had said it was referring the claim back to the landlord, but that she had not received an update from the landlord itself.

When a complaint has not completed the landlord’s complaints procedure we will first focus on using that process because it is normally the most effective way for a complaint to be resolved. Therefore we contacted Mrs O’s landlord and asked that it review Mrs O’s complaint and request for compensation at a more senior level (as she had already had one response prior to the insurer’s investigation). The landlord was then able to send a full response to Mrs O two weeks later. This prompted a further discussion about the details of the leak and compensation between Mrs O and the landlord, after which they both confirmed to us that they had reached an agreement without the need for the complaint to go further in the landlord’s complaints procedure, or to come to us for an investigation.