Case Study 26: Facilitated local resolution of repairs complaint

Mrs L complained to her landlord about the condition of her kitchen and bathroom. This complaint was resolved at first without our involvement through the landlord’s complaints procedure, as the landlord agreed to a range of repairs. These included repairing internal cracks and exterior painting, as well as a new bathroom window and fan.

However there was then a delay in completing these repairs as some were missed or had to be re-done, and so Mrs L sought our help in trying to bring the matter to a close. We have a number of approaches we can use to try and resolve a complaint. In some cases, such as Mrs L, it is most effective for us to discuss a complaint with the landlord and to see if we can agree a response which answers the complaint. By discussing the issues with the landlord the repairs can sometimes be carried out quicker than if the case were formally investigated.

Therefore we contacted the landlord to discuss the ongoing repairs. As a result of our dialogue with the landlord it was able to clarify the status of the repairs Mrs L considered a priority, and to begin the works within a month. The landlord also agreed to monitor the works closely with twice weekly visits to improve on the past delays. Within two months the majority of the works had been completed and Mrs L told us that the complaint was resolved.